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Berakas 'B', Brunei Muara

This is the Berakas 'B' Postcode page list. Its detail is as below.

Region 2-Postcode

Which sub-regions are included in Berakas 'B'? Here's the list of sub-regions in Berakas 'B'.
City Postcode (ZIP)
Kampong Madang BC3715
Kampong Manggis Dua BC3515
Kampong Manggis Satu BC3615
Kampong Salambigar BC1515
Kampong Sungai Akar BC3915
Kampong Sungai Akar BC4115
Kampong Sungai Hanching BC2115
Kampong Sungai Orok BC1715
Kampong Sungai Tilong BC3315
Perumahan Negara Kawasan 1 BC2315
Perumahan Negara Kawasan 2 BC2515
Perumahan Negara Kawasan 3 BC2715
Perumahan Negara Kawasan 4 BC2915
Perumahan Negara Kawasan 5 BC3115
Taman Salambigar BC1115
Envelope Example
Brunei Envelope Example
For more explanation, please read the official document: brn.pdf . (English)

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